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About Me

eric about My story isn’t uncommon. I am in my late 30’s, and found stress to be over taking my life. I used to workout in my 20’s, but my 30’s I stopped working out, and really let myself go.I started P90X April of 2012, and it was at low point for me. I really struggled if I would share this,the real personal part, but maybe my story will inspire others. Maybe there are dads out there in my position, or even moms. I was losing my house, I was laid off, and I just found out my child was a victim of abuse. It was a tough year, and not looking to get any better any time soon. I felt like I was going to explode. I had to find a way to cope with all this. I remember seeing the late night infomercial for P90X, and I saw all the transformations. I vowed I would do a full 90 days of P90X. Because of events, I became a full time father literally over night, No longer having my daughter part time. I had to find time to workout, and be there for her. I couldn’t stand the thought that someone hurt my child. I felt weak, and helpless. I was angry. So much was changing for my daughter, and I had to be her strength. I was so out of shape! I wanted to be the super hero, and I sure didn’t look like it! What I liked about P90X is I could work out at home. In the beginning I modified everything. Many times just walking around while the video kept going on. I had to modify push ups because I couldn’t do very many in the beginning. I completed one round of P90X (I lost 23 pounds), Since then I have done other rounds of P90X, P90X2, and P90X3. . I started at 217 pounds, and I am 175 pounds now, and under 10% body fat. I started out at 28% body fat!! I learned so many lessons, about goal setting, nutrition, injury prevention, and working around it. I hope to one day meet Tony Horton, so I can thank the man who created a program that not only saved me, but saved my daughter as well. Now I am helping other people transform their lives! I have dedicated myself to learning about nutrition, and exercise so I can help others.


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