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Bypassing the bypass

Bypassing the bypass

Jan 20, 2016

Bill L. has gone through a lot! After having a triple bypass surgery, he came back strong to complete a round of P90X and Insanity and is closer and closer to achieving more goals he’s set for himself in 2012. Hear it in his words below:


I have always been an athletic guy who enjoyed working out for most of my life. But middle age had crept up on me, and by the summer of 2010, I was in 3X shirts. I went shopping for pants right before I left for a trip to Ecuador in September of 2010. It was time to move up to 42 waist too. What a horrible feeling.

Once in Ecuador, I think adrenaline kicked in for a bit, and I got through things and acted pleasant and happy to be there. But something was not right. It wasn’t just being over-tired. I chalked it up to elevation sickness. That was my excuse for waking up several nights while there with sweats, and not being able to make it up flights of stairs due to shortness of breath. We were after all, at 11,800 feet elevation. That’s what it must be. While in the town of Shell, my group took a flight into the jungle to visit a tribe there. We had to get individually weighed pre-flight to figure out cargo and fuel needs on the small 4 seat aircraft. I was shocked to see the scale read 282 lbs. I was the heaviest of my group.

It was the last day of the trip, and I resolved to make changes once I returned stateside the following day. I went to work the next morning and while sitting at my desk the same symptoms occurred again. Anxiousness, shortness of breath, and a feeling of dread. I called my wife and asked her to make a doctor’s appointment for me. Something was going on.

They wheeled me next door to the hospital after a heart catheterization. The doctor arrived and said that I needed coronary artery bypass graft surgery. I had a 90% blockage in one artery, two 70% blockages, and a 50% blockage. I was in serious danger at the age of 45.


After 8 weeks of home recovery, and 3 weeks of cardiac rehab, I was chomping at the bit. When the doctor cleared me, I began a new round of P90X very cautiously. I couldn’t do Rock Star Hops and a few other exercises because of my sternum scar and healing still taking place, butI faithfully pushed play for the next 3 months, and I started training to run a 5K. I finished the 5K (and didn’t finish last!) and I completed a round of Insanity, too.

Finally, I went to see my cardiologist for my 1 year checkup after the triple bypass surgery. I hit the scale at 230 lbs. – down 52 lbs. since surgery. My cardiologist happened to walk by while I was being weighed. “Looking good Bill!” He visited me in the exam room and informed me I was a “rockstar.” I was his patient of the month. Maybe of the year. My cholesterol, dropped from pre surgery of 261, to 180 overall. My weight, from 282 to 230. My cardiologist said two really important things next.

“If I didn’t see your scars, I would never know that you had triple bypass surgery 1 year ago. Bill, I don’t normally do this, but I don’t need to see you again until 2013.”

As I write this, I am continuing my journey. I am on only 2 medications. A statin beta blocker, and a really low dose of the blood pressure medicine. I also take ActiVit mutli, and Omega-3 Beachbody nutritional products everyday.

In 2012, I have more goals, to run a Tough Mudder race, compete in a 5K and finish in the top 20, and maybe even run a half marathon too. And I’ll complete another round of P90X, and try P90X2, and also Les Mills Pump.

No excuses. If I can beat this, you can too!

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