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P90 Speed Series DVDs

13493_P90DeluxeDVDs_longWhether you’re too busy to work out or just want to change up your P90 routine, these shorter Speed workouts help keep you on track, getting the dramatic, visible results you’ve always wanted.

You’ll get three SPEED Workouts:

  • Speed Sculpt. Shake up your routine and burn off calories with this quick resistance workout! (25 mins.)
  • Speed Sweat. A quick cardio routine designed to melt away more fat in less time. (27 mins.)
  • Speed Abs. Quickly tone and strengthen your core with 5 of Tony’s favorite ab moves. (6 mins.)

Plus, a FREE Gift:

  • Horton’s Greatest Hits. Want to see the greatest change in your body? Here are some of Tony’s favorite moves, which perfectly fit in with your regular P90 routine. (37 mins.)

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning this or any exercise program.

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