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Husband and Wife Duo Lose Combined 160 Pounds!

Husband and Wife Duo Lose Combined 160 Pounds!

Jan 18, 2016

This Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share the story of an amazing couple that lost weight together!! Check out David and his wife Lindsay who together have lost 160 pounds. You know what they say! The couple that T25’s together thrives together ;)David-Lindsay-M-Transformation

My wife and I have lost 160 lbs since January 2013 thanks to Beachbody! We were miserable, stressed out, and fat. And the worst part about it was, we were still in our 20s. The time of our lives when we should be the happiest! I finally decided to make a chance in January of last year and my wife recently joined me. Since then I have lost over 140 lbs and my wife 20. 160 lbs in 1 year?? It has changed everything and we have Beachbody to thanks. Shakeology changed our lives! We have a lot of#beachbodylove that’s for sure!

I was 455 lbs at the end of 2012. I let myself slip, and gained 100 lbs in a year. I was a fast food addict and ate it 5-7 times per week. I had been an athlete my whole life, even earned a D-1 scholarship to play football, but once my playing career was over, I letmyself go. I have always battled with weight, and I always blamed it on something other than myself… I thought “I work out, I play sports, and I can’t lose weight. I’m just doomed.”

Finally on January 1st 2013 I took a deep breath and for once in my life I was honest with myself. I was addicted to bad food, sugar, carbs. I was not a victim… I was the killer. And I needed to change.1620787_10103541117119789_688226923_n

Since that day I have completed insanity twice, combat, P90X and Focus T25. I became a coach, reached diamond in 39 days, helped over 100 people start a program and lost 140 lbs. Recently my wife joined me in Les Mills COMBAT and is now in my Focus T25 challenge group! She has lost 20 pounds! Nearly everyone In my family is doingShakeology and a Beachbody program. And everyone is getting results.

used to think my calling was Football. And once that was over I felt worthless, hopeless, and I felt like a failure. Now, I know that what I am doing now is my calling. I am literally adding years to my, and my families lives… It’s truly an incredible feeling. And it all started with Shaun T last year. He has been a huge part of my success and I have always said… This big tough burly man is going to be a blubbering baby when I meet that man. I could go on and on about this journey but the most important thing is.. I became my own hero. I replaced excuses with commitment. And bad habits with a healthy good lifestyle.

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