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Losing 200 Pounds with Beachbody

Losing 200 Pounds with Beachbody

Jan 16, 2016

Rebecca P. set a goal to lose 200 lbs. SHE DID IT. Throughout her journey, Rebecca used Slim in 6, TurboJam, TurboFire, Les Mills PUMP, P90X and Shakeology to lose 150 lbs in just over a year. Since then she has continued to (literally) work her butt off, and has hit her goal of losing 200 lbs.

Rebecca Lost 200 Lbs with beachbody

Along her journey, Rebecca has hit so many milestones: being able to shop for new clothes, wearing a new bathing suit in the summer, running her first 5K, and now she’s hit her ultimate goal: to lose 200 lbs. We’re so proud of her!!

Not only has she hit her goal, but she has set a NEW one! We are so proud, amazed and inspired by her spirit, her dedication, and of course, her awesome results! Rebecca has showed us time and again what a good diet and pressing play can do for a person. So if you have a lot to lose, get INSPIRED by Rebecca’s amazing results! And even if you don’t? What’s your excuse!? Anyone can get fit with Beachbody.

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